I don't know, Apple has a long track record of producing massive sales of products that the public initially ridicules. I remember when the iPad first came out people were questioning its value, but now, its sales are record breaking. » 4/20/14 7:01pm 4/20/14 7:01pm

This will save college students everywhere. I know a mom who used to wash her child's clothes each time they returned from school during a break. » 4/01/14 1:44pm 4/01/14 1:44pm

I agree. Especially with these high profile cases we have to make sure we don't veer into the conspiracy path. Not saying that anyone has, but I find that in our dwelling on even the smallest piece of evidence we tend to lose perspective. » 4/01/14 4:42pm 4/01/14 4:42pm

Dealing with apple support will either be extremely rewarding, and you will contemplate humanity's kindness, or it will be impossibly frustrating and you'll regret ever leaving your home. » 3/24/14 3:21pm 3/24/14 3:21pm

I heard that the Malaysian government is also holding certain info back, because it would make them look bad. I'm talking about careless management practices etc. » 3/24/14 12:13am 3/24/14 12:13am

Even better were the classic radio western broadcasts. I can still remember how much I loved listening to them when I was younger. Looking back the plots were kinda cheesy, but I still remember those times fondly. » 3/24/14 12:07am 3/24/14 12:07am

It seems that people have gotten to the point where if someone does not nod to them as they talk it is an offense. Nodding is more of an etiquette thing vs a powerful communication technique. » 3/23/14 9:03pm 3/23/14 9:03pm

That's why I have found the enterprise iPads to be both a blessing and a curse. They are helpful for viewing graphs and reports, but many people just waste time and play games on them when they could be getting work done. » 3/23/14 9:01pm 3/23/14 9:01pm

I really don't believe in the reports about "scattered" damage to wildlife. When a boat of that size leaks 1000s of gallons of oil into the water there has got to be a harmful effect on the surrounding ecosystem. » 3/23/14 11:56pm 3/23/14 11:56pm